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It isn't easy being a Diva! You have to be a powerful being to be a divine, intelligent, versatile, astute, scholar (D.I.V.A.S.). The good news is that there is room in this world for everyone to be a Diva!

The Diva's overcame some of the toughest obstacles. From losing their practices location at Timberglen due to the intro of Covid, leaving a Plano recreation center due to racial profiling, entering a bad business deals, to doing everything in their power to keep the doors open as they are forced to adapt to the crisis that everyone is facing with rising cost amongst other things.

Do you ever wonder how the Diva's remain strong? We asked the owner, Kenya 'Coach Kay' Hawkins and she simply responded by saying "the world needs us and when your needed, God will always make a way". She continued, "You see, my passion didn't start with only dance. Its started by being a source of happiness for individuals that were going through something. If I can allow dance to become a happy space, then the healing has already begun. Everyone needs some form of healing. We are all battling something within. When I see the smiles on our members faces, we know that we are doing something right. My goal is to help individuals love themselves and to understand that they are more than enough. Our youth need as much of an outlet as anyone else. My heart is filled when I see positive things happen from the connection of our our program".

One thing for sure is that the Divas are here to stay and they will conquer their goals! The Dfw Dancin' Divas youth dance program is one of the top rating dance programs in the North Dallas area. Their program not only focus of teaching different dance genres, but they also provide educational resources and training. One thing they is highly respected of this program is that they ensure that their Divas have a space to remain kids and ensure that age appropriate material is being taught. They are setting the tone for how a program should be ran and the world is here for it!

Published 11.22.22

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