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Well, we are the best dance company in North Dallas!

TNFDance Company, previously named TrimNation Fitness & Dance, is an organization dedicated to the advancement of both dance and physical goals. We offer multiple dance and fitness classes no matter the age or skill level. In our classes, we teach our students that dance can and should be a method of communication.

Our focus is always on self-love. We are always striving to help each member love themselves more.

And last, but certainly not least, we try to ensure that everyone is having fun, even while undergoing physical training.


Not only are  we committed to teaching dance as a form of communication, we also strive to serve as a resource to our youth participant. We offer extra training on school work and volunteer opportunities. Our hope is that, through our program, our youth will gain a better understanding of the importance of giving back to our communities.


We are home of the best twerk fitness class and home of the Sip- N- Twerk dance events.  Trust us, we have a class/ event for everyone! Our events are designed for you to have a great time, meet like minded individuals, and more.  We remind our customers just how beautiful they are no matter the shape or size of an individual.  You can participate just for the fun or participate for the calorie burning routines that you will learn... It's a win win no matter what! 


All of our instructors are trained and NAYS (National Association of Youth Sports) certified. 

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